4 Greatest Destinations in Italy

The tourism industry has gained a lot of popularity all over the world, thanks to the numerous attraction sites in the world. In Italy, people flock in various scenery to have their memorable moments and experiences.

The following are the top 4 tourist greatest destinations in Italy:

1. Colosseum

For visitors and travelers of Italy, The Colosseum is a must see! It is a vast amphitheater sitting on a wooden floor of 83 by 48 meters. It is the largest amphitheater even been built by the Roman Empire way back during the ancient times. Underneath, it had two floors of tunnels, cells, wild animals, rooms, and passage for gladiators. Today, the structure depicts a complete contrast with the surrounding modern architecture buildings, thus serving as a reminder of the ancient times and the whole of Rome history. The Colosseum was built for purposes of hosting sports and is still used for the same functions even today.

2. Venice Canals

Venice is a city of many islands in Italy. The main mode of transport between these islands and the streets of Venice is by use of canals. Travelers long for this type of transportation whenever they visit the city. There are narrow passageways that connect the Venice city to the islands. However, the Grand Canal is the most prominent and most photographed of all Venice sites. Many tourists visit this destination in Italy to have a ride with the dhows and boats, commonly referred to as Gondola ride. There are ancient buildings along the canals, making the scenery more historic and charming.

3. Pompeii

It is a place of remains from an erupted volcano that reveals some engineering remains by the Romans way back approximately 2000 years ago. After the lava spread, cooled and solidified, it was excavated over centuries, and today it has revealed many remains of historical houses, theaters, temples, and human remains. By use of chariots, the visitors can see some features such as mosaics, sculptures, and frescoes that were left after the eruption at Mt. Vesuvius on this city that was destroyed way back in AD 79.

4. Leaning Tower of Pisa

The tower is also known as La Torre Pendente. This tower which stands on the city of Pisa is renowned scenery in Italy. It is famous because of its flaw of tending to topple over. The tower was constructed in the 1100s, and thereafter a sinking happened, which made it lean as soon as it had reached the third story. By the year 2000, it was predicted that it would topple but is still leaning up to date! Tourists climb the stairs to view the beautiful scenery of Romanesque Cathedral and the surrounding baptistery.

A visit to any of the four mentioned destinations in Italy would be a lifetime experience for any person interested in touring Italy – read article on tourist sites in italy.