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        1. The digital integrated platform of Offer Tech and HR

          By integrating multi-dimensional data with industry-leading technologies such as big data, AI and neural network, Offer Tech creates a "HR digital integration platform" that connects massive users, numerous B-end enterprises and HR industrial clusters.

          Offer Tech

          Orient Outsourcing, HR service outsourcing

          Orient Outsourcing is a professional enterprise service outsourcing brand owned by Bridge HR Group. As a professional HR outsourcing and business outsourcing service organization, Orient Outsourcing takes advanced IT technology, perfect service process and scientific management mode as the core, and provides comprehensive and professional outsourcing products for national customers.

          Orient Outsourcing


          Shoudaozi.com provides online "one-stop" entrepreneurial services for entrepreneurs, including online industrial and commercial registration, finance and taxation SaaS system, transaction settlement system, payment system and other technical services. Our aims are to help individuals achieve zero-cost micro-entrepreneurship and help members operate micro-enterprises safely, efficiently and conveniently.


          Consultation on operation and management of industrial parks

          Bridge HR Group has been engaged in the research field of HR service industrial parks since 2013. It is one of the earliest enterprises engaged in the operation of market-oriented HR industrial parks in China. It has already operated and planned nearly 40 HR service industrial parks in 10 provinces and regions.

          Bridge HR’s HR industrial park and management consulting

          Jiansen Investment in HRs and technology

          Jiansen Investment Company sets long-term strategic investment for the early start-up industries or industry-leading growth-type enterprises, focusing on the upstream and downstream enterprises in the HR industry, intended to create a prosperous HR ecology.

          Jiansen Investment