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        1. Bridge HR’s HR industrial park and management consulting

          Bridge HR Group has been engaged in the research field of HR service industrial parks since 2013. It is one of the earliest enterprises engaged in the operation of market-oriented HR industrial parks in China. It has already operated and planned nearly 40 HR service industrial parks in 10 provinces and regions. More

          Five Key Elements

          Bridge HR’s HR Service Industrial Park

          • Planning is the prerequisite

          • Construction is the foundation

          • Management is the guarantee

          • Operation is the key

          • Service is the core

          • More

          Bridge HR’s HR Industrial Park Operation Park

          13 parks across 7 provinces









          Operation Cases of Bridge HR Industrial Park

          Qingdao International HRs Service Industrial Park

          Cooperation period: Jan. 2017

          Influence: International HR Service Industrial Park

          Entry Institution: 53 out of more than 200 institutions were selected

          Operational Performance: In 2018, the output value will be 1.7 billion yuan and the tax revenue will be 140 million yuan

          Park Features: Urban linkage, high-end, international, professional, modern and diversified.

          Bridge HR Management Consulting

          Attached to Bridge HR Group, Bridge HR Management Consulting (in Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Bridge HR Grouphas long been dedicated to providing management consulting, personnel assessment and training services in HR for the government, development zones and enterprises.

          • Planning of HR Service Industrial Park

          • Management consulting

          • Talent assessment

          • Training and forums