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        1. By integrating multi-dimensional data with industry-leading technologies such as big data, AI and neural network, Offer Tech creates a "HR digital integration platform" that connects massive users, numerous B-end enterprises and HR industrial clusters. More


          Offer Tech products

          Job Hunting APP

          Job Hunting APP, designed by Offer Tech, is a new blue-collar platform which integrates recruitment and life service. Job Hunting APP is committed to creating an HR ecosystem with network-scale effects, helping blue-collar workers expand their contacts, providing more career opportunities and accurate demand matching, and upgrading their professional skills, offering one-stop labor solutions, reducing overall operation costs and improving overall competitiveness for enterprises.

          Job Hunting APP

          A New Generation of Blue-Collar Career Social Contact Recruitment Platform

          All-channel Recruitment: APP + WeChat Official Account + Mini Program + Interpersonal Network Recommendation

          • Lite

            Introduce financial, insurance, consumer malls, rental housing platform and other partners to meet the platform C-end employees living scenarios.

          • Social contact

            Build community, plan topics, and guidi users to produce content; enhance stranger social contact, enhance user stickiness

          • Recruitment

            Provide full-time, part-time, hourly jobs and other jobs, and intelligently match positions according to users' resumes, accurately and quickly reach the target users with recruitment information.

          Offer Tech Cloud

          HR SAAS System

          Five Systems   Accurate Empowerment   Accurate Touching

          • Financial Settlement Cloud

          • Social Security Cloud

          • Compensation Cloud

          • Recruitment Cloud

          • Staff Cloud

          Smart Park

          Digital HR Service Platform for Intelligent Industrial Park

          Four Systems

          • Intelligent Hardware Management Subsystem

            Property Intelligence

            Self-service Terminal

            Intelligent Big Screen

            Intelligent Access Control

            Intelligent Buildings

          • Financial Services Subsystem

            Qualification Identification

            Enterprise Credit Extension

            Bank Loan

            Commercial insurance

            Investment Fund

          • Park Operation Management Subsystem

            Investment Management

            Entrance Management

            Enterprises Management

            Booking Service

            Information Activities

          • Human Resources and Social Security Service Subsystem

            Social Security Management

            Compensation Management

            Recruitment Management

            Personnel Management

            Financial Settlement