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        1. Orient Outsourcing, HR service outsourcing More

          About us

          Orient Outsourcing is a professional enterprise service outsourcing brand owned by Bridge HR Group.

          As a professional HR outsourcing and business outsourcing service organization, Orient Outsourcing takes advanced IT technology, perfect service process and scientific management mode as the core, and provides comprehensive and professional outsourcing products for national customers.

          Orient Outsourcing creates innovative outsourcing service solutions by continuously innovating research and development, which helps customers improve work efficiency, optimize management costs, reduce business risks and maximize efficiency.

          A B O U T
          • Professional


            ISO9001 Quality Management System
          • Technical


            Extending the concept of Outsourcing "Cloud" Serving to Mobile Terminal by using Internet Technology
          • R & D

            R & D

            Gathering CEIBS professors, HR, production, logistics and other high-ranking executive from well-known enterprises to jointly conduct outsourcing and production research
          • Team


            Experienced outsourcing team, Cross-industry management capability
          • Industrial


            The group has 46 branches and subsidiaries, allied enterprises in more than 120 large and medium-sized cities across China
          • Brand


            The Best Flexible Employment Service Organization in Greater China, Trustworthy Talent Service Organization, Top Ten Influential HR Brands in China, etc.



          Position Outsourcing

          Manufacturing Outsourcing

          Logistics and Warehousing Outsourcing

          Welfare Outsourcing

          Flexible Employment

          Industry Sector

          • Catering industry

          • New retailing

          • Local life

          • Warehouse Logistics

          • E-commerce

          • Manufacturing

          • Transportation