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        1. Shoudaozi.com More

          About US

          • 40100+

            Certified Members

          • 6200+

            Certified Members

          • 99000+

            Certified Members

          Shoudaozi.com provides online "one-stop" entrepreneurial services for entrepreneurs, including online industrial and commercial registration, finance and taxation SaaS system, transaction settlement system, payment system and other technical services. Our aims are to help individuals achieve zero-cost micro-entrepreneurship and help members operate micro-enterprises safely, efficiently and conveniently.


          • Enterprise Services (Security)

            Platform Member Trading Service

            Platform Management Consulting

            Enterprise Organization Innovation Consulting

            Decrease Enterprise Operation Cost

          • Member Service (Convenient)

            Achieving Zero-cost Entrepreneurship for New Members

            Industrial and Commercial Tax Services

            One-button Declaration of Electronic Contract

            Provide Growth Platform for Members


          Enterprise + Individual Cooperation

          According to the cooperative relationship between the enterprise and the individual, the Shoudaozi.com can solve the problems of signing the contract and paying the cooperative expenses quickly, accurately and economically.


          • Simple

            Complete online registration in 3 minutes

            T+3 Studio Registration

            Legal Person Completing the Whole Process at the Same Place

          • Efficient

            T+1 Transaction at the Fastest Rate

            Maximum T + 0 Cash Withdrawal

            One-button Generation of Electronic Contracts

          • Major

            B2C, C2B Multiform Service

            Senior Panel of Finance and Taxation Experts

            7 × 24 All-day Service

          • Safety

            Traceable Progress for Easy Management

            Transparent and Traceable Information

            Guaranteed Bank Custody

          • Reduce

            Up to 80% cost reduction