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        1. Talent Research Institute

          Bridge HR Talent Research Institute joins hands with experts from CEIBS, Fudan University, Nanjing University and other well-known institutions, scholars and professors for talent research. 

          Talent Research Institute

          Five-star model of HR management: Theoretical System and Practical Measures

          Research and Publication of Annual Recruitment Index of HRs in China

          Research and Publication of Annual Compensation Index of HRs in China

          Evaluation System and Empirical Algorithm of HR Industrial Park Development Index

          Research on Job Matching Algorithm Based on Big Five Occupational Personality System

          Study on Strategic Planning and Implementation Path of Human Capital Industrial Park

          Strategy and Planning of HR Industrial Smart Park

          Research on Platform Management in Digital Age

          Research Report


          Bridge HR Enterprise Recruitment Index / Offer Tech Compensation Index

          Extensive surveys and scientific analysis has been conducted through the questionnaire-based survey on 1 different type of post and 6 job grades in 7 types of enterprises from more than 10 industries in the key cities of main provinces of China after interviews with experts and professors from CCEIBS, Nanjing University and Fudan University, consultation with senior management of enterprises and institutions, and customer researches of HR service agencies and Bridge HR, to publish the Bridge HR Enterprise Recruitment Index and the Offer Tech Compensation Index every year.